Digraph With Adjacency List

Inspired by Digraph (Algorithms 4/e) – Algorithms, 4th Edition


//Digraph implementation with adjacency list
public class Digraph<V>{

    private Map<V,List<DirectedEdge<V>>> vertexes;

    private int eCount;

    public Digraph(){
        this.vertexes = new HashMap<>();

    public int V(){
        return vertexes.size();

    public int E(){
        return eCount;

    public List<DirectedEdge<V>> adj(V vertex){
        return vertexes.get(vertex);

    public void addEdge(DirectedEdge<V> de){
        if (de == null){
        if (!vertexes.containsKey(de.from())){
            vertexes.put(de.from(), new ArrayList<>());
        if (!vertexes.containsKey(de.to())){
            vertexes.put(de.to(), new ArrayList<>());

    public List<DirectedEdge<V>> getEdges(){
        List<DirectedEdge<V>> res = new ArrayList<DirectedEdge<V>>(eCount);
        for (V v : vertexes.keySet()){
        return res;

    public Set<V> getVertexes(){
        return vertexes.keySet();


public class DirectedEdge<V>{

    private V from;
    private V to;

    public DirectedEdge(V from, V to){
        this.from = from;
        this.to = to;

    public V from(){
        return from;

    public V to(){
        return to;

    public String toString(){
        return from.toString() + "-->" + to.toString();



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